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Repair of large household appliances ELECTROLUX

No extra charge for urgency

We perform repair of home appliances ELECTROLUX at home:

ELECTROLUX appliances Don't work?

Breakage of large household appliances — it is always unpleasant, but if you contact a professional master, the recovery will not take much time. Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, wine cabinets, coffee machines and other Electrolux equipment fails for various reasons:



  • parts, components, and consumables wear out over time.
  • owners often violate the rules of operation, neglect prevention;
  • there may be sudden power surges in the power supply network.


Equipment ceases to function correctly when any of the systems-electrical, electronic, mechanical-break down. Delay in contacting a specialist will inevitably lead to even more serious problems, up to the need for major repairs. Repair of home appliances Electrolux must be timely and necessarily professional.

Malfunctions of ELECTROLUX appliances free diagnostics

employees of the Electrolux service center diagnose household appliances for free. Payment is accepted only in exceptional cases.

parts, components and consumables for

For example, when working with built-in equipment or when the customer refuses to perform repairs. As a result of the diagnostic examination and visual inspection, the master determines:


  • what is the nature and causes of the fault;
  • Troubleshooting steps;
  • the exact cost and timing of repairs.


If additional services in the form of prevention or maintenance are required in this case, this information will also be announced at the diagnostic stage. If you need to move the equipment to the workshop to restore the equipment, this will not be an unpleasant surprise for the client.

Repair per hour

post-Warranty repair and maintenance of large household appliances Electrolux a task for qualified professionals. The service center staff will solve the problem in about an hour, and the work is carried out in relation to any type of equipment:


  • built-in or stand-alone;
  • new or used for a long time;
  • premium or budget series.


If you need to completely disassemble the unit to fix the problem, this procedure will also not take long. Do you need a consultation during the repair process? The master will be happy to answer any questions from the customer. After completion of the repair and successful verification launch, the specialist gives the customer a receipt indicating the type of work performed, date, warranty period and amount.

Original spare parts

if it is necessary to replace a damaged or worn-out part with a new one, the workshop specialists use original spare parts. This approach to the repair of home appliances Electrolux makes it possible:


  • guarantee the high quality of the work done;
  • minimize the time spent searching for compatible parts.
  • buy components at the manufacturer's price, i.e. without extra charges.


the main range of spare parts, components and consumables for home appliances Electrolux is located in the warehouse of the workshop. If you need to replace a rare part or product that has been discontinued for a long time, this issue will also be resolved as quickly as possible. All spare parts are delivered with special accompanying documentation and are covered by a long-term factory warranty.

Low prices

Some customers think that it is almost impossible to repair Electrolux appliances very cheaply. But practice shows that the services of professional masters can be inexpensive. The service center operates without hidden fees and unreasonable margins, taking care of the welfare of customers.


● when repairing the control Board, the master takes the Board, returns it after repair and installs it
● Spare parts and consumables are paid separately
● Departure from the city limits – 1 $ / km
● The final repair price is determined by the master, based on the complexity of the failure and the volume of work performed

Service Price
When ordering repairs Free
If the repair is refused 0.5-2 normal hours
With the use of refrigerant 2.5 normal hours
Type of equipment
Refrigerators 0.5-10 normal hours
Wine cabinets 0.5-10 normal hours
Freezers 0.5-10 normal hours
Washing machines 1-2. 5 normal hours
Dishwashers 1-2. 5 normal hours
Drying machines 1-2. 5 normal hours
Coffee machines 1-4 normal hours
Repair of nodes and modules 50% of the new price
Installation and disassembly of the built-in device 1 normal hour
cleaning the system 1 normal hour
margin Ratio
Embedding 1,8
Premium model 1,8
Urgent departure (within 15 minutes) 1,5
Restricted working conditions 1,5
any repairs related to complete disassembly of the product 2,5
Base values
Normal-hour (rounded up To half an hour) 1000
Final positions


Discount %

Electrolux Service center offers discounts on simultaneous replacement of several parts and when working with certain categories of the population. In the first case, customers save from 10 to 30% of the total amount. workshop specialists use
In the second case, the discount may be even 50%. The dispatcher or master will tell you in detail about the terms of preferential service during the repair process.


Types of work Discount on the work of the master
Replacing one part 10%
Replacing two parts 20%
the Replacement of three parts 30%
Veterans 50%
Poor citizens 20%
Large families 20%
Single mothers 20%
Pensioners 20%
Disabled people of the 1st group 20%
Students 10%


Warranty for services and parts

a long-term warranty is provided for all services provided. The maximum term is 3 years. If during this period, the owner of the equipment did not violate the conditions set out in the contract, the same malfunction is eliminated free of charge. Warranty for spare parts and accessories is given directly by the manufacturer, which is confirmed by warranty cards.


After the repair, the master writes out a warranty receipt for the BSO, which specifies the work performed, the installed spare parts, the amount of repair, and the warranty period.

Payment options

you can Pay for post-warranty repairs in any convenient way. Most often, customers prefer to pay in cash to the master after completion of work. But there are other options: transfer to an electronic wallet of the PayPal system.

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